Exciting new book

A book that leaves you shocked and thrilled


Dare to dive into the darkest corners of young scientists psyche and allow your imagination to take you on a journey filled with obsession, fear, love and anger to the final destionation of horror surrounded by new era of science...

A book that leaves you shocked, thrilled, having hard time deciding upon justification of our hero's morality, and eager to read next part of this unique trillogy.

Code of Evil - book


Journey filled with obsession, fear, love and anger

Aenna Lucini, is a young ambitious medical student in an escape from poverty and small community into big city in hope for a better life.

During her educational struggles of a student she also explores relativity of friendships, wild sexual encounters, existential, and moral questions from the peculiar perspective of Aenna's mindset loaded with dark humour inspired by harsh reality.

However, in it's essence Code of Evil follows internal and external motives that turn emotionally damaged child into an insane scientist along with potential threats of the upcoming future.


Ivan Dilber

Ivan Dilber is a restless spirit embodied in regular life as a Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery resident eversearching for uncharted territories of science and art, such as this book. He smoothly transforms his unpredictability into tunderstorm of ideas transferred to letters on paper.

Having a glass of wine he starts describing events in such depth that you can feel them under the skin.

Just take a sip and enjoy one of his masterpieces.

Ivan Dilber
Patricija Vrhovec


Patricija Vrhovec

Patricija Vrhovec is a professional trainer with a passion for writing, dancing and travelling. She holds Master of International Relations and Diplomacy degree which upgrades her natural gift of charismatic speech and mind bending vocabulary skills.

Skills that were of the invaluble worth for the very development of this book.

Just take her to a white sand beach under the coconut tree and until the sunset she will get an eruption of ideas for a new book.

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